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pamięć robocza - EEG, EMG, GSR

Odbyte szkolenie EEG w ICNT


1. „Working memory in infancy: Six-Month-Olds’ performance on two versions of the oculomotor deleyed response task” Rick O. Gilmore
2. „What can infants tell us about working memory development?” Nelson Cowan
3. „The integration of cognition and emotion during infancy and early childhood: Regulatory processes associated with the development of working memory” Christy D. Wolfe , Martha Ann Bell 4. „Seven-month-old infants chunk items in memory” Mariko Moher ,, Arin S. Tuerk , Lisa Feigenson
5. „Rule Learning by Seven-Month-Old Infants” G. F. Marcus, S. Vijayan, S. Bandi Rao, P. M. Vishton
6. „Associations between white matter microstructure and infants' working memory” Sarah J. Short i in.
7. „Multiple memory systems are unnecessary to account for infant memory deleopment: and ecological model” Carolyn Rovee- Collier, Kimberly Cuevas
8. „Changes in brain functioning from infancy to early childhood: evidence from EEG power and coheence during working memory task” Martha Ann Bell Christy D. Wolfe
9. „ Dissociation between features and feaure relations in infant memory: effects of memory load” Rahesh S. Bhatt, Carolyn Rovee- Collier