Algorytmy ICA

-) AMUSE - Algorithm for Multiple Unknown Source Extraction based on EVD

-) EVD2 (SOS BSS algorithm based on symmetric EVD)

-) SOBI - Second Order Blind Identification

-) SOBI-RO - Robust SOBI with Robust Orthogonalization

-) SOBI-BPF - Robust SOBI with bank of Band-Pass Filters

-) SONS - Second Order Nonstationary Source Separation


-) JADE-op - Robust Joint Approximate Diagonalization of Eigen matrices (with optimized numerical procedures)

-) JADETD (HOS Joint Approximate Diagonalization of Eigen matrices with Time Delays)

-) FJADE (Flexible Joint Approximate Diagonalization of Quadricovariance Matrices)

-) SAD (Sequential Approximate Diagonalization)

-) FPICA (Fixed-Point ICA)

-) POWERICA (Power iteration for ICA)

-) EFICA (Efficient Variant of FastICA)

FastICA - zbynek
FastICA w C#


-) CICA (Constrained ICA) and ICA-R (ICA with Reference)

-) SANG (Self Adaptive Natural Gradient algorithm with nonholonomic constraints)

-) ThinICA Algorithm

-) ERICA - Equivariant Robust ICA - based on Cumulants

-) SIMBEC - SIMultaneous Blind Extraction using Cumulants

-) UNICA - Unbiased quasi Newton algorithm for ICA